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VI Smart Solutions: Who Are We?

Posted by VI Smart Solutions on Dec 22, 2018 10:52:44 AM


Here at VI Smart Solutions we strive to push the boundaries of AI technology to absolute new heights. Check out the details below to find out how dedicated we are.


VI Smart Solutions applies the latest in artificial intelligence to solve complex problems in oil & gas, pipeline, agriculture, fisheries, and related industries. Our current platform, “VINet” is a deep-learning software technology we use to capture human intelligence to make automated decisions using complex data. By recording the judgments a human makes when given the complex data, our deep-learning system, learns to make the same decisions a human would. To date, we’ve successfully applied VINet for robust recognition and tracking of objects and animals in underwater sonar and color images.

New Project


Deep neural networks demand massive parallel compute capabilities that weigh heavily on conventional local AI – but not on VI Smart Solutions’ platform, which performs hybrid digital/analog calculation inside flash arrays. This entirely new approach performs the inference step of deep neural networks inside the memory array that stores the processing weights long term – bringing huge advantages in performance, power life, and accuracy.



local-ai-imgVI Smart Solutions envisions a world where every device is intelligent, with human-like senses and high-level understanding of the environment around it. To realize this we built a team of top talent who bring decades of industry experience from across the entire computing spectrum – empowering everyone to challenge assumptions and eliminate the barriers to achieving our mission. They’ve gone beyond conventional digital architectures, memory, and calculation elements – rethinking everything from the ground up: from transistors and physics, through circuits and systems, up to software and AI algorithms.

The result: Powerful life-enhancing AI that customers can push into anything – from fitness bands and hearing aids to self-driving cars and robotic drones.

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